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Stay tuned: what is important when choosing styling products

Can't decide what styling product to choose? Learn what you should consider before making a final decision.   #1. Financial capacity The first thing you should consider when choosing styling products is your financial capacity. Salon brands offer styling products of high quality and high price. If you’re...

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5 facts about moustache you should be aware of

Do you want to be like Salvador Dali or Charlie Chaplin? They were cool because they had a moustache. Check these facts and have a moustache too!   #1. Colour can be different The colour of your hair and moustache can be different, and it’s a normal phenomenon....


3 possible men’s style mistakes and how to fix them

Sometimes even getting pampered in best Hair Salon Soho in NYC is not enough to make you look amazing. Check out these common men’s style mistakes and see how to avoid them!   #1. Pirate style Pirates are hot only in fiction and on Halloween. However, we are...


Tips on how to trim your beard

Do you know, which steps should you follow to get a perfectly groomed beard? We do! Check this list to learn essential tips from the highest quarters. Adjust Your Beard To The Shape Of Your Face Decipher your face shape just like you would when picking...


Top 3 Men Hairstyles of Spring 2017

The undercut considers to be one of the most widespread hairstyles among men. It gained its popularity in different fashion runaways and legendary films; however, the majority of men prefer undercut because of its convenience and various styling options. Today, we offer you three stylish...


Revolutionary Long Hair Rules for Men

We all got used to the fact that only rockers and daring bikers can have long hairstyles to fit their overall image. However, men`s hair fashion changes very fast: red carpets and reckless streets dictate new rules of wearing a long hair for men. Of...

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Save your hair after cold winter

It is not a secret that our hair and scalp undergo a particular change depending on the time of year. For example, in summer it is usually greasy and volume less, and in winter it is weak, dry and damaged. As well as your immunity,...

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4 Grooming Tips All Men Should Know

Winter is a great season full of fluffy snow, happy holidays, and cozy evenings with family. Even though winter brings so much fun and happiness, there are certain things you should take into consideration. During cold months, you should revise your grooming routine and update...


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