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Top of hairstyles for curly hair men

In many cultures, curls have long been considered the standard of beauty for both women and boys. Some thought cute curls on hair were a sign of wisdom and intelligence. But unlike the old times, today, fortunately, you can afford various haircuts for curly hair...


Hair tattoo – a bright detail of your image

This haircut has gained its popularity not so long ago, about 8 years ago. To this day, it is rapidly continuing to win the hearts of brave dudes. Hair tattoo is an unusual hairstyle, which thanks to Barber's talent turns into a picture that looks...


Barber history of this term

The skilled craftsmen of their craft have always been loved, respected and greatly appreciated, and their work was paid generously and in accordance with merit. Barber history has its origins from ancient times, even when they did not only haircuts, but also minimal surgical interventions,...


Male hair coloring stylish options2018-2019

Constantly the girls get all the fun: unusual hairstyles, bold hair color, original clothes. Stop tolerating it guys! Rafael’s Barbershop invites you to look cool and unusual with male hair coloring. A huge choice of colors and various methods of applying hair dye allow everyone to...

male haircuts (2)

Popular mens haircuts in 2019 – what will they be?

Fortunately, the days when a beautiful and well-groomed appearance was exclusively a female prerogative passed and modern guys can be stylish and well-groomed. Now a variety of popular mens haircuts are coming into fashion. Thanks to this, every man can express his individuality and demonstrate...

men’s beard products

Man’s beard – sign of status and masculinity

At all times people have evaluated each other in appearance. And on the basis of these observations, they made conclusions about the situation in society, the cash prosperity of the family and about the person as a whole, about his character, manners and upbringing. It...

stop grey hair

Gray hair is a problem that has a solution

Today for guys, gray hair is the same trouble as for women. And every person who follows his appearance, tries to solve it. But there are different ways, and someone is too cardinal. Some even cut their hair to hide this problem from others. However,...


How to choose the right men’s
shampoo and conditioner

Many of us do not pay enough attention to the choice of hair shampoo for men, or, at least, did not do this before. And very vain! Usually we take the first, the maximum second, that we see on the shelf of the market. Or...


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