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Why is it good for men to have a beard

Recently, on the street, you can increasingly meet guys who do not shave their facial hair, but rather give them a variety of shapes and colors. To wear a beard today is fashionable and cool, but is this an only reason to grow up a beard?

In this article, Rafael’s Barbershop will tell you about all the benefits of wearing a beard.

Beard as a lifestyle

Of course, the beard and mustache greatly change the appearance of a man and it is impossible not to notice. Therefore, the image will need to choose the appropriate, so that the beard looked appropriate and harmonious. But do not be intimidated by such drastic changes, because a beard has many advantages:

  • Beneficially emphasizes the dignity of the face.
  • No need to shave every day.
  • Hides the small flaws of the face.
  • Comfort (some guys note that the beard warms in the winter).

Of course, there are also disadvantages of a beard, but there are many more advantages! And it is impossible not to agree that a well-groomed beard looks very cool and stylish.

Why do guys love beard so much

The bearded man with tatoo

Many girls wonder what their boyfriend / brother / father loves and cherishes his beard for. Bearded men themselves comment on it like this:

  • The beard expresses individuality (if it have high-quality care, high-quality products in barber shop and competent design).
  • Gives the appearance of masculinity.
  • Attracts women.
  • And someone just too lazy to shave off the hair on the face.

Enumerate all the advantages can be forever, but we have noted the most basic. Often, young guys wear a beard simply because today it is fashionable, but besides of this beard also has a positive effect on the health of a man.

How a beard reduces the risk of various diseases

Firstly, the possibility of infection by skin infection disappears in bearded people. Because after shaving there are microcracks on the skin through which an infection can get.

Secondly, the hair prevents the penetration of ultraviolet rays, so that skin cancer is a little possible.

Therefore, take care of your beard, and it will take care of you and make you happy every day.

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