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What is a Quiff Hairstyle

Admire Elvis Presley’s hairstyle? Want to look just like him? Then, the Quiff haircut is for you. It is one of the most influential and enduring hair trends for many years. It belongs to the group of classic haircuts, which can be chosen by men of different age groups. You may observe men of cinema, music, and politic wearing this hairstyle. So, what is a Quiff and how to style it?

What is a Quiff?

A Quiff is a hairstyle achieved with the help of a brush, hair styling product, and blow dryer. Hair is brushed upwards and backwards from the forehead. It is better to use a product before and after blow-drying to add shine to the hairstyle. Also, don’t forget to use a product to keep your Quiff in place all day.

How to Style a Quiff?

  1. Wash your hair as usually and dry your hair with the help of a soft towel.
  2. Work in the styling product, such as gel or mousse, and distribute through your hair.
  3. Blow dry your hair, brushing it away from your face to one side on a hot temperature and low speeding setting. Then, continue to blow dry to the other side in the opposite direction.
  4. If you need to perfect your look, lower the heat and use a brush. Remember, never proceed using the hairdryer once your hair is already dry.
  5. To maintain volume and structure, spritz a strong-hold hairspray all over the hair.
  6. This step is optional and depends on the look you are going for. You can pull out or slick back the shorter hair at the sides of your head with the help of a small amount of pomade.

Now, you know what a Quiff haircut is and how to style it appropriately.

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