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What haircut will suit your face shape?

Different people have different face shapes. And not you, but your face shape decides will this haircut suit you or nor. The Barber Shop in the New York City has prepared some advices for you, how to choose a haircut in keeping with your face shape.

#1. Square
Celebrity: Brad Pitt
Description: This face shape characterized by a strong rough, which has the same width as cheekbones. In this case face is as tall as it is wide.
The cut: Forget about buzz cuts. If you’ve got a square jaw, it will be better to keep more hair on the sides and back because it stops to underline the jawline. Ask for a scissor cut all over at the Barber Shop in the New York City all over that sticks to your natural hairline, he will understand you.

The style: In the case of the square face shape stylists recommends to Kingsley texturizer through towel-dry hair, starting at the crown. Then find your part your hair with your fingers and sweep it up.

#2. Round
Celebrity: Jonah Hill

Description: Hardly visible cheekbones segueing into a soft jawline. The face is as wide as it is tall.
The cut:  The first thing that you should is to manufacture angles. Ask your barber for clippers, then keep it longer on top to elongate the face. Remember, it shouldn’t look like side parting, you need only to emphasise the squareness.
The style: Try to style your hair with the help of the grooming cream.

#3. Heart-shaped

Celebrity: Jake Gyllenhaal.
Description: Wide cheekbones that passes into the forehead, the chin is narrow. The jawline is sharp.
The cut:  The heart-shaped face is best field for experiments – long or short hair, it doesn’t matter. Every hairdo will suit you well.
The style: Apply a matte paste onto the dry hair. You can restyle it with a finger sweep whenever you want.

#4. Oblong

Celebrity: Channing Tatum.
Description: Longer, than square one.
The cut:  Long-standing buzz for oblong face shape is looking masculine (we decide it, because Channing Tatum looks masculine with it).
The style: There are two possible options: Elvis volume or Don Draper sharpness. You choose!

#5. Oval

Celebrity: Tom Frod
Description: Cheekbones and soft jaw. With longer sides than round face shape. In the worst cases looks like egg.
The cut:  It will be better to do it quite short at the sides and back, but always leave that touch more length on the top.
The style: It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. You can use texture spray before leaving the home and it will be enough.

We hope that tips from the Barber Shop in The New York City will be useful for you!

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