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Undercut men – the lost treasure of the last century

Today, many young people go with this haircut, because it looks spectacular, stylish, strong and solid. Light and fresh it is universal, and it looks appropriate at any event. Therefore, it justly became one of the most beloved and common haircuts of our time. But many do not even think about the history of its creation and popularization. And very vain, because even our grandfathers wore such haircuts, and grandmothers went crazy from their favorite movie stars and music stars, who also preferred undercut men. Still 100 years ago this hairstyle was popular in America and Europe. It was worn by many idols of the 1920s.
Over time, the haircut was forgotten, because new hairdresser’s ideas appeared, new styles, and under the pressure of rocker parties, where preference was given to long and dense hair, the undercut long hair male was postponed to the archives of hairdressers and left far to the attic, to better times. So, it would seem, the story of such a fine haircut ended, but it was not a final, but only calm before the storm. To life such a hairstyle was returned, no matter how strange it sounded – women! It is they who undercut long hair male                                                                                                                   thanks for the return to the world.

Types of undercut men

To date, there are 6 main types of undercut men. And here’s what:
– The militarians. It was this form that Brad Pitt wore in the eponymous film “Rage”, which was released in 2014 and glorified the hairstyle to the whole world;

  • Pompadour;
  • Disconnected Undercut on the side with a parting;
  • Disconnected Undercut for curls;
  • Disconnected Undercut HAIR with a textured pattern;
  • Disconnected Undercut punk or Iroquois.

This hairstyle is quite versatile, so it will suit almost anyone. But do not think that it is easy and does not need care. On the contrary! It requires careful and regular application of the products to the hair, since without them it will not be able to hold the form, so that the hair will look disheveled and clumsy. Undercut long hair male is today fashionable and popular all over the world!

Rafael Barbershop is a special place for real men

Here you are always welcome to see. There is an atmosphere of classical barbershops where men can always meet with friends, chat on various, relevant topics and just relax, having received quality services for reasonable money. You can read about the history of creation and the first barber shops in our article “The barber history – from the distant 18th century to our days”.

Rafael’s Barbershop is a place where you can undercut long hair male qualitatively and enjoy the process.

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