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Top 3 Men Hairstyles of Spring 2017

The undercut considers to be one of the most widespread hairstyles among men. It gained its popularity in different fashion runaways and legendary films; however, the majority of men prefer undercut because of its convenience and various styling options. Today, we offer you three stylish and handsome variants of classic undercut to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. One more thing that makes undercut a universal hairstyle is that it works with all hair types, structures, and lengths. No matter whether you have curly, kinky or straight locks, it will make you look awesome.

Timeless classic

If you consider yourself a very conservative person, who don’t like major changes but still wants to be in trends, go for the classic undercut. If you want to look neat and stylish, ask your barber to trim sides, and leave the top little bit longer. It requires minimum styling remedies, as well as efforts, and always looks pertinently.

Slicked back

Rejoice all extreme lovers; here is a perfect hairstyle for you! Slicked back undercut is a daring, and a little bit exotic for young and active guys, who want to stand out of the crowd, and stay in the spotlight all day long. The main thing here is to make your top hair much longer than side one. If you want to look really cool, be ready to spend a lot of time, and different styling products in order to create a perfectly polished image.

Long…very long

It is one more interesting modification of standard undercut that fit only strong and confident man. If you like long… very long hair, but still want it to look trendy and fashionable, go for the extremely long top and trimmed sides. Trust us; such an incredible contrast will make everybody around say WOW. Express your personality and underline masculinity with this unusual hairstyle.

Follow our tips, and you will definitely find something to fit your taste, a way of living, and the extraordinary inner world.


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