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Tips on how to trim your beard

Do you know, which steps should you follow to get a perfectly groomed beard? We do! Check this list to learn essential tips from the highest quarters.

  1. Adjust Your Beard To The Shape Of Your Face

Decipher your face shape just like you would when picking out glasses. This way you can see what beard style will accentuate your facial features the best. People with square faces should concentrate all of the beard lengths on their chin and trim it shorter in other places. The same goes for men with round facial features. The directions are completely opposite for those, who have oblong and oval-shaped features. They should keep their facial hair longer on sides and trim it on the bottom.

  1. Prepare Your Beard Properly

Make sure to cleanse, moisturize, dry, and brush your beard before trimming it. This way you can manage your facial hair with more ease. Pat your beard dry and comb it down with the grain. It will help you to understand in which direction your facial hair grows and how to position it during the trim.

  1. Do Not Forget About Your Neckline

Many men forget to groom their necks when it comes to beard trimming. Take two of your fingers and put them above the Adam’s apple. Make sure to shave off everything lower.  You can fade the area by using clippers and lowering the setting.

  1. Do Not Forget About Your Mustache.

Make sure to comb and trim your mustache diagonally. It will put the whole look together as well as make your appearance less sloppy and more sophisticated.

Follow these simple steps to get a well-groomed luxurious beard!

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