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The Last Gentlemen’s Barbershop – Messy Nessy Chic

In almost every business field, the way that businesses are ran changes over time because of several factors such as societal changes, technology innovations, and popular trends. However, there are some business types that appear to never change the basic way that the businesses are ran. One of these business types is the haircuts barber shop.

The barber shop has been a long standing tradition in countries around the world for centuries. For many people, the initial image that comes to mind when they think of the barber shop is a place where men go to get a haircut, shave, trim, tape, and other various grooming services. Also, the image of customers just sitting and talking comes to mind.

This image of the barber shop has been the same for centuries going back initially to Italian roots. The idea of the barbershop grew, as we know it today when Greeks introduced the skill of shaving to the public. From that humble beginning, the concept of barber shop businesses developed.

One of the most well known barber shops in history is the Antica Barbiera Colla. This barber shop has stood the test of time. The founder and owner of the barber business, Dino Colla, started the business so long ago that his patrons came to the barber shop in horse–drawn carriages.  At the Antica Barbiera Colla, which is widely considered the last of the gentlemen club barber shops, customers to this day still receive five star service and special treatment that keeps them coming back year after year.

Many barber shops today copy this style of customer service while providing a place where people can come to receive excellent service, a friendly atmosphere, and community socializing. Also, many barber shops today usually have numerous pictures on the wall that detail the customers who have come to the barber shops to receive a haircut. This tradition was started in the early barber shops as a way of providing the history of the barber businesses.

When people today think of haircuts barber shop, they have a certain image that comes to mind. This haircuts barber shop image was developed from a time tested tradition. Started centuries ago, the haircuts barber shop concept has basically remained the same in purpose and operation. The barber shop continues to be the same today as it has from its humble beginnings many years ago.

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