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The best beard oil – get acquainted with the products

 beard oil

Now it’s fashionable to be a bearded man, and if previously the standard was considered to be the smooth-shaven men, now special attention is paid to the gentlemen with a thick and well-groomed beard. Every self-respecting man considers it his duty to monitor his appearance, and caring for his beard is one of the important elements. To feel all the benefits of beard oil, it is not necessary to have a long beard – even a week-old bristle absorbs useful substances. As for the beard care kit, its effect is obvious: the regular use of beard oil helps to eliminate irritation, moisturizes the face and stimulates the growth of the beard.

How useful is the use of beard oil?

Not every man can boast of a thick and neat beard, and she defines the individuality and masculinity of the stronger sex. Most men who decide to grow a beard, faced with a common problem of itching: it causes a lot of inconveniences, and in order to minimize discomfort, we advise you to purchase a beard care kit that contains all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Let’s consider some of them:

  • almond oil
  • grape seed
  • sea-buckthorn
  • linen
  • burdock
  • argan
  • coconut
  • jojoba
  • vitamin E

Thanks to the natural ingredients, beard becomes softer and silky, and the light oil texture lies in a thin, even layer, making the hair obedient, without the effect of greasy hair.

beard oil

How to use the product correctly?

To achieve the maximum result, you need to know, how to apply beard oil rightly. First, take a few drops, rub between the palms, so that it is evenly distributed, warmed by the heat of the palms – so beard oil will be better absorbed. It is necessary to apply it since a neck, by movements from below upwards. In this case, the fingers should be wide open to capture the entire volume of a hair. Next, repeat the same steps for hair growth. Lightly pressing on protruding hairs, smooth them to provide a more accurate appearance. It is quite natural that the final result depends to a large extent on the skill of the barber. How long this will last – depends only on your efforts and use of the beard care kit. In addition to the standard list of services, Rafael’s barbershop offers the best beard oil, which you can also purchase from us. We care about our customers, therefore we offer only high-quality and first-class service. Come to us, and make sure of this by yourself!

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