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Shaving scuttle mug – an indispensable assistant for shaving

Shaving scuttle mug

Long before the appearance of foam in aerosol packs, the ceramic shaving bowl was a single tool for creating the perfect foam. With its help, in a few minutes, you can prepare a quality foam that will make the razor slip smooth, and the process itself is incredibly enjoyable. In many countries of the world, this procedure has been and remains a classic ritual – thanks to shaving scuttle mug, daily shaving becomes a special care for the vegetation on the face. Every self-respecting man who follows his appearance is worthy of experiencing this incredible feeling of smoothness and purity.

What are the shaving bowls?

Modern shaving scuttle mug is available for sale in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and can be made from a variety of materials: plastic, wood, ceramics, stainless steel, and stone. Each of them has its own characteristics and has different user characteristics. The bowl is compulsorily included in the shaving kit. Let’s talk about the most common varieties:

  • Tettauer mug – its main feature is an unusual design, which is divided into 2 sections: in the one what is above, soap is beaten, and in the lower part, excess liquid drains off.
  • Scuttle – they have double walls and a hole in which hot water is poured. Thus, the fluffy part of the brush is steamed and evenly heated.

If you want to purchase a shaving scuttle mug, remember several criteria that are important to consider before the choosing. In the first place – this is the size, weight and thermal conductivity. On the latter, we will take special care: to keep the foam dense during the entire shaving process, it needs heat, otherwise, it will settle for a few seconds. For this, we advise you to give preference to a ceramic shaving bowl, which does not cool down quickly, and for a long time keeps warmth.

Ceramic shaving bowl

Ceramic shaving bowl – popular accessories for barbers

Surely you’ve heard of shaving a dangerous razor, for which is used an old-fashioned razor with a super sharp blade, and a shaving scuttle mug. If you still doubt whether to try this procedure – do not worry, you will like the result so much that you no longer want to use traditional shaving. Experienced barbers in Rafael’s Barbershop are masters of many years of experience who provide a range of services for the care of male hair. Come to us!

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