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Revolutionary Long Hair Rules for Men

We all got used to the fact that only rockers and daring bikers can have long hairstyles to fit their overall image. However, men`s hair fashion changes very fast: red carpets and reckless streets dictate new rules of wearing a long hair for men. Of course, typical but timeless buzz cuts, pompadours, and Caesar hairstyles are always in trend; nevertheless, if you really want to make yourself stand out of the crowd, it is high time for you to grow out a long hair. Forget about boring men buns, check out three revolutionary hair styling tips every man should be aware of. Spring 2017 has brought us a lot of interesting trends, so it is time to reveal all secrets.

Modifications is a must

Today it is not enough to let your hair grow out uncontrollably. Planning your future style, you have to keep in mind the picture of a coveted haircut. Having a long hair not necessarily means that it has to be extremely long strands up to your chest, or lower. Shoulder length is on top of the men`s fashion this spring. You can add some modifications to express your unique personality: make a small line above your ears or trim both sides to create a stunning contrast.

Choose minimalism

Of course, minimalism and long hair may sound like two incompatible things; however, if we are talking about styling, everything becomes clear. Long hair must bring you pleasure, but not constant concerns; moreover, using too much styling products can make your mane look dirty and greasy. Trust us; you will refuse to style your strands every morning after several weeks.

Consider your face shape

Long hair can play a bad joke with your face shape, and underline your disadvantages. Think twice, or consult with your barber before changing your style. If you have round face, go for the voluminous top and trimmed sides, guys with oval shape can afford everything they like, without any consequences.

Follow our tips, and you will always keep up with all fashion novelties.

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