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Popular mens haircuts in 2019 – what will they be?

best haircut for men

Fortunately, the days when a beautiful and well-groomed appearance was exclusively a female prerogative passed and modern guys can be stylish and well-groomed. Now a variety of popular mens haircuts are coming into fashion. Thanks to this, every man can express his individuality and demonstrate his character with the help of an original look. In addition to inventing new haircuts, old ones are being revived, but in a more modern interpretation. Many stylists and barbers will help you choose the best haircut for men based on the density of the hair, the shape of the head and the oval of the face. The experience of predecessors and trends of our time will allow you to choose the perfect option for you. And the masters of Rafael’s Barbershop make your wildest dreams come true. Here you can get not only popular mens haircuts, but also other services that will help you relax and unwind from the city bustle. For example, scalp treatment & head massage + hot towel will give you an unforgettable experience for little money.

Best haircut 2019 for men

So, today we will tell you which male haircuts will be most in demand and popular in the coming year:

  • Hedgehog. One of the most common, since it does not require special care and stylish;
  • Box and halfbox cut. In general, this male haircuts for many years, but after the updates from the masters, it looks very cool. Known among athletes;
  • Canadian. Practical and comfortable, it remains relevant for many years;
  • Undercut. Without further ado, this is a classic;

This is only a small part, so in addition to the above male haircuts, other, more unusual and amazing ones will surely appear. So look forward to!

popular mens haircuts

Popular mens haircuts

As you can see, there are many options, so everyone will choose something optimal for themselves. The only rule that should be used by everyone is high-quality products, a healthy lifestyle (which stimulates the growth of vegetation) and a professional barber who can qualitatively make you the best haircut for men. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube social networks to keep up with the latest news. Also check out our page at Yelp and Google Place, where you can leave feedback about us.

Use the Royal shave & face massage service to get a complete relax. In this procedure, you will forget about all your problems and get the maximum level of pleasure. Popular mens haircuts and other services from Rafael’s Barbershop will make your day!

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