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Old fashioned shave – a ritual for real men

A century ago, the morning of every self-respecting gentleman began with the use of men`s straight razor – someone coped with on their own, while others hurried to the barbershop and trusted this thing to experienced masters. At first glance, men`s straight razor looks scare, but for some, it’s a kind of meditation that allows you to get real pleasure by immersing yourself in the process entirely. If you want to get rid of the vegetation on your face and treat the true connoisseurs of the classics, straight razor shaving is what you need.

A few words about the history

Beard has always been considered a sign of masculinity among members of the stronger sex. However, not for everyone, it is desired and over time it is necessary to think about how to achieve smoothness of the skin. Such a place was barbershop: there the men not only to brush-up themselves, but also communicated among themselves, and learned the latest news. The heyday of the old-fashioned shave comes at a time when the Englishman Benjamin Huntsman designed the first razor with a wooden handle and a blade. But already in the 20th century, they lost their relevance, and they were replaced by safe ones.

Straight razor shaving – advantages and disadvantages

Many people consider this procedure dangerous, but we are ready to dispel these myths and to prove essential benefits, namely:

  • safety – you can not worry about sterility, as modern razors have a removable shaving blade.
  • the smoothness of the skin without cuts – minimizes the appearance of irritation and unpleasant sensations.

Experienced barbers manipulate the instrument without fear, and do it with surgical precision. As for the shortcomings, considering that the old-fashioned shave requires special accuracy, this work may require more time and money. We are sure, you will be pleasantly surprised by the result, which you will feel right after the procedure. If you want to experience old-fashioned shave, we offer to you the best hairdressing salon, where thousands of men and guys can get a whole range of services. Rafael`s Barbershop provides haircuts, shaving, and also you can purchase hair care products, beard, and mustaches. Our barbers conquered men`s straight razor and mastered the skill of shaving. Coming to us, you are guaranteed to get quality service, and you will be satisfied with the result.

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