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Modern men and male manicure

Modern men and male manicure

In the 21st century, it is customary for a guys to be well-groomed and neat. And it is definitely a positive trend. If before, using different products was only a woman’s hygiene, now everything has, fortunately, changed. Now every boy has the opportunity to look good, smell pleasant, have well-groomed hair, face and stylishly dress. Is not it wonderful? It makes you feel better and attracts such a guy much more.

One of the parts of self-care is the male manicure. Hands are one of the first components of a general impression of a person. They are regular in sight and when you meet with somebody, he immediately pay attention to them. This is especially true for businessmen, when the further outcome of the transaction or negotiations depends on the first impression. Therefore, they often make a male manicure, because if a person has dirty hands, the partner does not really want to cooperate with him, because it characterizes him as untidy and sloppy. And vice versa, if he uses nail care for men, it immediately shows that a person cares about his appearance and hygiene. Partner pleased to deal with such an entrepreneur. This characterizes him in the eyes of partners as responsible and intelligent.

What is nail care for men

Well, we can talk a lot about the benefits of such a procedure, but now let’s look at what it really is. So what is included in the list of services:

  • Disinfection;
  • Steaming of brushes in a bath with a special solution;
  • Circumcision and correction of cuticles;
  • Correction and polishing;
  • Removing the keratinized skin and giving the hands an attractive look;
  • Elimination of calluses;
  • Treatment of the skin with lotion;
  • Massage;
  • Covering with a colorless varnish (optional).

This is the main list of actions that are included in the nail care for men. The remaining nuances can be discussed individually with the master.

Differences between male manicure

What is nail care for men

There are different types of male manicure: classical, European, hardware and SPA.
Try nail care for men and you will always remain a fan of such procedure, because it’s impossible not to love. And the effect is amazing! The skin of the hands is well-groomed and pleasant.

Usually, male manicure is included in the services of barbershops, but not all the time, so be sure to check the information about it at your barber.

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