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Men’s top knot hairstyle — a combination of style and comfort

top knot haircut

In the modern world, appearance plays a key role, and therefore a properly selected image can win for you pleasant bonuses. And vice versa. And the key points that people pay attention to when meeting, at all times were: a smile, clothes, shoes, a smell and of course, a haircut! And in this article, it’s about men’s top knot hairstyle.

It is very easy, comfortable and universal, because it will effectively look with almost all styles: from solemn to urban “casual”. The only option where it may be inappropriate is the strict business environment.

The history of the appearance of top knot haircut –
from the distant past to the present day

The first carriers and creators are the people of faraway Japan. It was samurai and representatives of the nobility who began to collect hair in a bundle, with this shaving the weight. It was very comfortable and looked just great! Well, in our days men’s top knot hairstyle rediscovered hipsters, improving it a little. Combining it with a thick and long beard – they presented the world top knot haircut in the form in which we know it today.
It is not known what inspired these guys to try such an extravagant image on themselves, but there are several undeniable facts why men’s top knot hairstyle is so cool: quick and easy styling (does not require a lot of products) and original look.

But, unfortunately, there are some “contraindications”:

  • Guys with a lean and long face are strongly advised not to have top knot haircut;
  • If you have pronounced features of appearance (protruding ears, large nose, too small features, etc.);

In all other cases – boldly experiment with men’s top knot hairstyle. Particularly advantageous, this haircut emphasizes the round, oval and square shape of the face.

Do not be afraid to experiment!

men's top knot hairstyle

Classics is certainly good, but in the 21st century people know how to surprise. Barber shops did not stay away. The skillful barbers have come up with so many alternatives that for each type of appearance there is one. And men’s top knot hairstyle, fortunately, was no exception. Improvisation with long hair on the temples (or their complete absence), on the vertex, original drawings or even tattoos on shaved parts of the head. If you want to diversify your everyday life and create your own, unique image – Rafael’s Barbershop will gladly help you in this. Men’s top knot hairstyle, undercut, fade, pompadour and other hairstyles combined with free alcohol and excellent service will not leave you indifferent. And democratic prices will make you more happy.

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