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Men’s haircut underker

In the male undercut, the main feature is the lack of a smooth transition between long and short hair. Shaved whiskey and a nape from a whiskey and a nape with a long bang ending on the forehead are very original combined, this makes the image more courageous, mysterious, decisive. Short hair on the back of the head or temporal areas allows you to shave the pattern, pattern, tattoo.

It is difficult to miss such an original haircut, because its characteristic features are: shaved whiskey and the volume of hair on the top and back of the head. The line between hair of different lengths should be clear, without a smooth transition. This haircut is popular among men of different ages and social statuses because it is performed in different interpretations: The creative option has only one shaved temple, the maximum hair length remains on the second side. Extraordinary men on the shaved part of the head can apply a tattoo or shave a picture. The voluminous crown can be complemented by an oblique bang.

Before deciding on an undercoat, you need to consider the following:

  • the haircut style must match the one that is specific to you;
  • the temporal and occipital parts should be short-cut, and leave long hair at the crown;
  • sharp transitions are done individually, at will.

If a man decided to strip his temples and make his hair shorter, then it’s worth preparing the following tools for the master: a typewriter with nozzles, a comb, ordinary and thinning scissors. The hair is trimmed in the temporal part with the machine, and the crown is cut with scissors.


To wear such a haircut, you will first have to grow a certain length of hair. Doing Undercut on short hair will not get the proper look, because the difference between different parts of the head will be practically not noticeable. The haircut technique takes into account individual facial features and the shape of the head. The hairdresser must be able to accurately determine the long side and upper hair, and also separate these two parts with a line, so that in the end the haircut hides all the imperfections of the client and blends harmoniously with the image.

Choosing such an unusual haircut

Haircut undercard men’s photo for hairdresser. Choosing such an unusual haircut, you need to first imagine how it will look with your style, familiar wardrobe, whether it matches your lifestyle, the requirements of the dress code at work. This extravagant haircut will always fit perfectly into your daily life, however, you need to think about whether it really suits your appearance. After all, here everything will depend on the complexion of the man, his face shape and hair type.

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