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Mens electric shavers – history of instruments

Naturally, that few of people ever thought about when and who created the clipper. But thanks to this invention, the masters around the world daily put in order the hairstyles of millions of men and women. Looking back in the past centuries, we can see that everyone needed a haircut, but for this, were originally used knives and scissors. Men’s grooming machine appeared in the 19th century, and greatly facilitated the work of barbers of that time. In the reason of its creation, opinions of many experts diverge. Some believe that it was invented by the American Leland, while others continue to believe that it was invented by the stylist Alberto Gomez from Italy.

Types and operating principle of the device

Currently, the men’s grooming machine is indispensable for creating a neat beard-cutting. It replaced the ordinary machine 100 years ago, and still enjoys great popularity among the barbers, but during this time she underwent some changes. The current models have a wide functional and shave no worse than hand-held razors. Depending on the purpose, men’s electric shavers are usually divided into the following categories:

  • for dry shaving – without the use of any care products
  • for wet – by using a gel or foam

The latter option is more preferable, since it helps soften the bristles and improves the slip, making the process easier and faster. Based on the opinion of many modern stylists, in case of selecting men’s electric shavers, you should pay attention to ergonomics, the autonomy of the work and the material of the blades – it is desirable if they are ceramic, as they minimize allergic reactions and are best suited for sensitive skin. In Rafael’s Barbershop, our specialists carefully select the devices based on the skin type of each customer in order to achieve the best result.

Men’s grooming machine in the hands of professionals

If you are a type of men who are habitual to taking care of their appearance, come to Rafael’s Barbershop, where our barbers are specialists with many years of experience, whose work exceeds the expectations of customers. We use exclusively high-quality hair products, which take the leading place among the brands of men’s styling cosmetics. Come to us, and see it for yourself!

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