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Man’s beard – sign of status and masculinity

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At all times people have evaluated each other in appearance. And on the basis of these observations, they made conclusions about the situation in society, the cash prosperity of the family and about the person as a whole, about his character, manners and upbringing. It has long been assumed that a man’s beard was worn by representatives of the nobility, aristocracy and scientists. It was also considered a sign of wisdom and strength. So it lasted a long time, but not forever and soon man’s beard went out of fashion. Moreover, it became a symbol of untidiness and uncleanliness. But, fortunately, today everything has changed and the vegetation on the face has once again risen to the pedestal of the style, and even with great enthusiasm! Now we can observe on the streets of stylish bearded men, with an ideal beard control, a perfectly trimmed mustache and a trendy hairdo that is packed with quality products. And you will agree, it looks perfect!

Types of man’s beard

Today there are many varieties of beard. Barbers classify them according to shape, size, density, etc. And even invented various men’s beard products, so that it always remained in a luxurious, well-groomed form. Stylists divided them into views and gave them names. Now we list the most popular:

  • Anchor. Suitable for guys with straight face shapes. A neat little beard looks well-groomed and will be an excellent option for those who feel discomfort from dense vegetation on the face;
  • Russian. It grows by itself and does not need beard control. The secret is that it covers the entire face: neck, cheeks and lip;
  • Wide. What is similar to the previous version, differs only in that it has a specific, even shape. It looks very noble and majestic;
  • Hollywood. It is characterized by a lack of connection between the vegetation around the lips and sideburns. The hair covers the chin, but does not intersect with the hair from the temples to the cheeks;
  • Goatee. Or ring. It is a small antennae and a longer hair on the chin. Suitable for guys with an even skull shape and a small thickness;
  • Van Dyke. Well-known style of “Jack Sparrow”;
  • Garibaldi. There is no need for complex care and does not require men’s beard products, but it may take about 3-5 months to grow it.

These are the most popular options that have been tested for years and millions of “users.” But the barbers do not stop and come up with all the new variations of old and beloved options.

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Great man’s beard – great responsibility

How to dispose of such luxury – shave, grow, take care, let go of the “free flight” – to solve solely to its owner. The only rule for all bearded – if you have undertaken to wear such beauty, then take care of it as much as the form requires. Use men’s beard products, work with professionals, visit proven barbershops and then everything will be fine and man’s beard will become a bright highlight of your image, and not a careless thicket on your face. Well, Rafael’s Barbershop is always glad to help you!

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