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Male hair coloring stylish options2018-2019

male hair coloring

Constantly the girls get all the fun: unusual hairstyles, bold hair color, original clothes. Stop tolerating it guys!

Rafael’s Barbershop invites you to look cool and unusual with male hair coloring. A huge choice of colors and various methods of applying hair dye allow everyone to refresh their image. Admiring looks are guaranteed. After all, today, fortunately, a well-groomed man is the norm. Beautiful clothes, good perfume, healthy skin and neat appearance – the key to the success of modern people. After all, such a person inspires confidence and it is pleasant to do business with him.

A variety of hair color ideas delights. Resourceful stylists invent all new hairstyles that emphasize the hair dye: from classic haircuts using natural tones with a slight fading / darkening to the brightest and most variegated. Thus, male hair coloring becomes a fashionable tool that sets you apart from the crowd and gives a highlight to even the most casual look.

Hair color – trend ideas

Based on the desired result, the master selects for you certain processing methods.

Barbers distinguish the main types of male hair coloring:

  • Highlighting. With his help achieved the illusion of burnt hair;
  • Color highlighting. At the exit we get a very deep and multifaceted hair color for men. It looks stylish, but to achieve high-quality results, it is important to choose the right shades;
  • Toning. The best way to paint over gray hair and “look younger”. Helps to achieve the most natural hair color for men;
  • Thrash. A technique that is known as “free hand painting”. It consists in disordered coloring over the entire length or only the tips;
  • Balayazh. After using this method, a smooth, unlimited transition from one tone to another is obtained.

There is no top hair color for men, everything depends on preferences and on the “compatibility” of a particular person with color. Come to us, and our Barbers will select the perfect hairstyle for you.

Male hair – variants of coloring

male hair coloring

Barbershop is more than just a hairdresser. This is a special place where you not only receive services, but also relax your body and soul. Here you can choose hair color for men, get a cool haircut that matches your face shape, head and hair structure, meet with friends, chat about life, drink some alcohol and just relax, getting first-class services. A signature massage and hot towel will bring unheard of pleasure.

Here you can also get a classic and royal shave, after which it is impossible not to admire the skin of the face.

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