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Ingrown hair: why it happens and how to prevent

Almost every man has encountered this problem, but guys with hard and curly hair know about ingrown hair more than others. Due to the fact that their hair grows faster, they also have to shave more often. As a result of this, sometimes the hairs bend and form ingrown hair. Well, then on the skin appear bumps, itching, burning, redness and rash.

So how and why does ingrown hair on face appear? That’s what we’ll talk about today at Rafael’s Barbershop Blog.


What exactly stimulates the appearance of ingrown hair on face

The most common cause of ingrown hair on face is improper shaving. Some tips from Rafael’s Barbershop to avoid this unpleasant phenomenon:

  • To steam skin before shaving.
  • Use a scrub before shaving. It removes a layer of dead cells from the skin, and this reduces the risk of ingrown hair.

IMPORTANT: scrub should not be aggressive.

  • Never shavedry. Use only quality products if you do not want to suffer from ingrown hair on face.
  • Shave only a very sharp razor, and with a single blade. Multiple blade razors and electric razors are contribute to ingrown hair.

IMPORTANT: If you want to avoid the appearance of ingrown hair – use a dangerous razor.

  • After shaving, be sure to use skin soothing products.
  • Do not rub your face with a towel, blot your skin.
  • Avoid clothing with a collar, it rubs hair and makes them curl, resulting in ingrown hair on face.

Follow these simple rules and you will forget about ingrown hair on face for a long time.

What to do if ingrown hair has already appeared

If ingrown hair is too much and they bother you, consult a doctor.

If ingrown hairs have already provoked an infection, the doctor will recommend an antibiotic ointment.

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