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How to Grow a Beard Faster

Most men who have beards along with men who want to grow a beard usually have several questions regarding how to grow and maintain a thick well groomed nice looking beard. Moreover, one of their main questions is usually how to grow a beard faster.

This is a popular question that many barbers are asked at the barbershop, and most men ask this question because growing a beard can take a significant amount of time. However, the length of time required to grow a beard has a lot to do with family genetics and nature, so there is not a lot men can do to speed up the growth process.  Some men can grow a beard faster than other men based primarily on family genetics, but there are a few things that all men can do to help speed up the beard growth process, which include:

  1. The body needs protein to grow hair. Growing a beard or just hair in general requires protein because hair is made of keratin that is supplied by amino acids, which come from protein.
  2. The body also needs vitamins such as iron to grow hair. A serious lack of iron can either reduce hair growth significantly or stop hair growth almost entirely.
  3. Beards need to be properly moisturized. The body provides natural oils for beards, but through daily activities such as taking showers, brushing a beard, and washing a beard these natural oils are removed. Therefore, men should use all natural beard soap, shampoo, oil, and conditioners to care for and maintain their beards.
  4. Grooming is very important for the growth of beards. Grooming measures such as combing a beard, cutting split ends, and not pulling beard hair out will help to improve the health and growth of a beard.
  5. Men should massage their beards on a regular basis. Massaging a beard helps to improve blood flow and deliver blood to the hair follicles faster, which provides the iron, amino acids, and other nutrients that are needed for growing a beard.

Family genetics and nature has a lot to do with the rate of speed that beards grow. However, there are some things that all men can do to improve the growth rate for a beard.

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