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How to deal with tricky neckline?

If you have a tricky neckline you have two possible variants of outcomes: to let it grow, and when it will be longer it will be less tricky (may be), or just to cut tricky neckline completely (and hope that surrenders will not think that you have baldness in the strange position). Is that all? The Barber Shop in the New York City says no!

We think that we can propose you soft problem solution. And your neckline will be naturally good-looking? Don’t believe? Read!

Step #1. Clean up

Choose a straight blade (we can recommend you Sam Villa Signature Series Razor with Straight Edge blade) and start to remove hair directly below the edges of the hairline.
In this case razor is better option than trimmer or clippers, because razor gets closer to the skin and leaves the softer edge.
Choose a new blade to prevent irritation the skin, if you still scare that you can have irritation apply the conditioner on your neck.

Step #2. Manage with weight and density

Choose a good shear (we can recommend you Sam Villa Signature Series InvisiBlend Shear) and chip away the hair at the edges for removing weight and managing with the density. Try not to leave any lines in the hair. After the bottoms of the neckline go to the sides. Try to make the bottom and the sides equally short, it will make your hairline lighter. Try to make density the same on the whole hair cut too. When you see that your neckline is finished its time to come back to the edges and remove all excess hairs. Take a look in the mirror and make sure that everything is ok.

Step #3. Afterwards

Note haw much time it will take to grow again. It will give you an opportunity to reserve time of your barber or to buy a new blade for making it by yourself.

We hope that after these advices from the Barber Shop in the New York City you won’t have square or round shaped necklines and will look awesome. Pay attention on the details and everything will be all right.

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