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How to care for whiskers beard?

Surely, every man who follows his appearance wants to have a perfect beard, which is a symbol of masculinity and temperament. But not only the beard and mustache can create a strict image, but also whiskers beard. A few decades ago they were undeservedly forgotten, but today they are popular again. In this article, we will talk about whiskers men’s grooming and will give some advice to men. First of all, you need:

  • To grow out a beard. This may take several days to a couple of weeks. To speed up this process, you can use burdock oil. It should be applied only to certain areas of the skin.
  • To define a face type. To the owners of the round form will suit short, and with a square face will be more harmoniously combined long whiskers.

In order to the whiskers were expressive and noticeable, you need to know something about whiskers men’s grooming: regularly cut them and use special products that contain ingredients that promote hair growth, make them soft and well-groomed.

Styles of whiskers

They became fashionable in the distant 18th century, during the Civil War, when they were worn by the hussars of the Great army. It is quite natural, that many members of the stronger sex tend to look perfect, and this applies not only to clothes but also to hairstyles. Thus, adhering to a certain style, they show their individuality and demonstrate it to others. Now whiskers beard has many options: long to the middle of the ear, chin or to the jaw. We`ll list the most popular:

  • Burnsides. It is a perfect beard, where bristle that grows on the cheeks and is a continuation of the hairstyle.
  • A La Souvarov. Named in honor of a famous Russian General – Alexander Suvorov. It is a combination of the sideburns with the mustache.
  • Brett. Facial hair, covering the chin and moving along the jawline.
  • Chin Curtain. Suitable for men with a narrow face, as it makes the face significantly wider.
  • Franz Josef. Enough extravagant variant – begins at the temples, descends down to the lower jaw, and then rises sharply upward, and joins with the mustache.

Whiskers beard smooth the chin and face. With their help, you can successfully correct minor flaws in appearance, hide birthmarks or scars. Depending on the wishes, their length can be different: short or slightly elongated.

Whiskers men’s grooming in the best Barbershop in New York

Correctly selected and decorated sideburns will emphasize a strict nature and become a highlight of the image. In order not to spoil the facial features, one should turn to professionals. Such as Rafael’s Barbershop, where our masters will make the perfect beard, based on your personal preferences. Our main goal is to provide customers with quality service, and stylish haircuts.

Come to us, and make sure of it yourself. We are waiting for you!

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