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Hair tattoo – a bright detail of your image

barber history

This haircut has gained its popularity not so long ago, about 8 years ago. To this day, it is rapidly continuing to win the hearts of brave dudes. Hair tattoo is an unusual hairstyle, which thanks to Barber’s talent turns into a picture that looks more like a tattoo. Hence the name. In order to make a cool head tattoo hair you need only a good imagination – everything else depends on the skill.

The most popular places for hair tattoo are the temple and the back of the head. It is there that such a haircut looks the most impressive and expressive. It is also worth noting that hair tattoo is very easy to clean: it does not require special products or styling. The only caveat – time to carry out the correction, if you want to save the picture. And if you are tired of your head tattoo hair – just wait until the hair grows back.

Hair tattoo for real mens

Hair tattoo for mens is the most fashionable way to express yourself and stand out among friends and colleagues. With this hairstyle, you will surely catch on yourself the admiring glances of passersby. Here are a few of the advantages of hair tattoo for mens:

barber apprenticeship

  • Recognizability and originality. You will not be immediately forgotten when people see it on the street;
  • Short life. This is usually considered a disadvantage, but in this case it is a plus. Because if you get tired of your hair tattoo, then getting rid of it is not difficult;
  • Excellent disguise. This haircut will help to hide the flaws: an irregular shape of the skull, scars, etc.
  • Does not require special care. Hair tattoo for men without any problems endures all the hardships of the weather: rain, snow, wind and remains in perfect condition.

The only rule is: if your hair tattoo is made in color – use shampoo for dyed hair to keep the color longer.

Hair tattoo in Rafael’s Barbershop

We will make you high-quality hair tattoo for mens and other services for the most affordable prices. And experienced barbers fulfill the wildest desires so that your look is irresistible.

Come to us and feel the real professionalism.

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