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Hair loss: why it happens and how to deal with it

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Sooner or later, problem of hair loss will touch everyone. Of course, it is better later, but be prepared for the fact that it will definitely happen. Is it possible to stop this? – A controversial issue. If hair loss is a consequence of genetic processes, then you are unlikely to succeed in doing this. But you can slow down hair loss. You probably heard that someone from your friends made some kind of injection, bought a very expensive cosmetic product, attended a special head massage course and many similar stories. All of us fight this process as he can, but hair loss is mercilessly. Perhaps all of these procedures will even help you, but not for long. And they are, by the way, not very cheap. Therefore, Rafael’s Barbershop today will tell you about several habits that will help you to save precious hair and slow down hair loss men.

5 habits with which you will forget about hair loss

These tips are relevant not only for guys who are already faced with hair fall, but for the guys who can expect this in the future. By introducing these habits into your life, you can postpone the hair loss men for a long time:

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  • Rinse the scalp thoroughly. Do not be afraid that you will damage your hair with increased friction. On the contrary, this procedure acts as a massage, which accelerates blood and improves blood circulation. As a result, the cells feed heavily and this promotes active hair growth;
  • Use less shampoo and more hair conditioner. For people who suffer from hair loss, it is important to apply conditioner after each shampooing, as it nourishes and moisturizes the hair, while making them stronger;
  • Take a warm shower. Hot water dries the scalp and damages the hair, so it is recommended to take a shower with warm water;
  • Try to use less styling products, because such products as gel or varnish make hair heavier, and this contributes to hair fall;
  • And the last, most unexpected thing – start wearing a hat correctly. Firstly, in sunny weather, wear a cap or a hat, as UV rays can damage the scalp, which inevitably leads to sudden hair loss men. And secondly, wear it correctly: under the cap, your hair should be in a natural position, so they are less injured and damaged.

These tips will not relieve you of hair loss completely, but will help delay this event for many years.

Hair loss – a nuisance that we can fight

Well, hair loss men are definitely a problem, but fortunately, modern doctors and scientist are inventing new methods to combat hair fall every day. And each of them is more effective and less painful. We believe that in the future, humanity can permanently get rid of problem of hair loss with the help of scientific and technical progress.

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