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How to grow beard faster – several effective ways

patchy beard

Are you bored with an unattractive patchy beard? Do you want to make your image more attractive and even brutal? It’s not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. If you dream of a beautiful beard, like an eastern padishah – you need not only to forget about how the razor looks, but also to stock up with steel patience and perseverance. Following these simple rules, you will know how to grow beard faster and say goodbye forever to patchy beard:

  • begin to eating correctly – start to adjust the diet and diversify your diet with green vegetables, lean meat, fish and eggs – this will have a positive effect on the state of the bristles, and will maintain a balance of nutrients and a normal level of testosterone in the blood.
  • take vitamin complexes – many dermatologists unanimously declare the benefits of biologically active substances, which contain a daily rate of biotin, and B2, B6, B12 vitamins.
  • become a frequent guest of the gym – moderate physical activity contributes to the flow of blood, which in turn improves blood circulation in the face.
  • get enough to sleep – a healthy sleep lasting at least 8 hours will allow the body to recover and reduce the level of stress, which is directly related to hair loss.
  • Avoid dehydration – a sufficient water balance moisturizes the skin from the inside and removes harmful toxins.

Do not forget about care products – their action is aimed at the full restoration of hair follicles, and their nutrition with valuable oils.

Causes of uneven beard growth

From time immemorial, a healthy, bushy beard was a symbol of masculinity, and today is an important part of the image of an attractive, sexy man. If you were wondering: how to grow beard faster, then you are on the right path to change! There can be many causes of patchy beard, having corrected which, you will by all means become the owner of a dense and well-groomed beard:

  • wrong shaving. It would seem that such a simple procedure can hinder the proper growth of hair in the chin and cheeks. If you use a non-sharpened shaver, and do not use special care products, the structure of the hairs can be damaged, grow unevenly and slowly.
  • hormonal disorders. Be sure to go to the doctor, and take a survey – perhaps you have a minor imbalance of hormones, which is easy to adjust with medications.
  • excess weight. Often, patchy beard occurs in young people who are obese. It is the fat deposits that prevent the uniform development of bristles. Therefore, strictly watch your figure and do not neglect training.

how to grow beard faster

Patchy beard – solve the problem with the help of professionals

To learn the correct technique of shaving is not so simple, and not always enough for this time. To look neat and tidy, you do not need to do it yourself – find your master, and visit him routinely. Experienced barbers at Rafael’s Barbershop know how to grow beard faster, and will certainly take care of your ideal appearance. They will provide a full range of services and quality service. Contact us, and see it for yourself!

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