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Gray hair is a problem that has a solution

gray hair

Today for guys, gray hair is the same trouble as for women. And every person who follows his appearance, tries to solve it. But there are different ways, and someone is too cardinal. Some even cut their hair to hide this problem from others. However, if you value your hair too much – this option is unlikely to suit you. The most common way to stop gray hair is camouflage gray. It is equally popular in both sexes and is very effective if performed with the use of quality products. The procedure is not complicated, and it takes not much time.

We all know that in order to solve the problem – you need to know its cause, and only then act. In this situation also. Do you know what gray hair men come from? Of course, you immediately thought of old age, and it really is. But age is not the only reason. Next we will tell you more about this.

Why there are gray hair men

In order to preserve the natural color of hair as long as possible, the body must produce a tyrosinase enzyme, which takes part in the synthesis of the main pigment coloring of melanin. The more substance in the scalp, the more saturated your color will be. Occurring failures in the body disrupt the synthesis of melanin, this worsens the pigmentation.

Factors that trigger the appearance of gray hair:

  • Predisposition laid down in the genome;
  • Poor nutrition, because of which the body does not receive enough nutrients;
  • Psychoemotional overstrain;
  • The effect of serious infections on the body;
  • Chronic diseases.

Problems with the synthesis of melanin often arise from malfunctions in the work of the intestine, the development of pathological processes in the liver, gall bladder and kidneys, the appearance of the first signs of cancer.
Often gray hair men are associated with banal long-term exposure to the open sun with bare head.

Popular methods stop gray hair

Unfortunately stop gray hair by the restoration of pigment in discolored strands is almost impossible, but it is possible to restore the synthesis of melanin so that gray hair men do not spread.

gray hair men

If it starts to appear due to poor nutrition, then to restore pigmentation it is necessary to include in the daily menu products that contain copper (almonds, raw beets, baked potatoes, lemon, etc.). But do not get too involved with them, an overabundance of copper can create new troubles for you.

It is important to remember that stop gray hair can only a healthy lifestyle and a quality diet that you eat for a long time.

Well, if you already encounter this problem and you do not have a bald head catastrophically, then in Rafael’s Barbershop you can always paint over gray hair men and forget about it for a long time!

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