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Five Terms to Use With Your Barber

The barbershop is one of the most popular places for me to go regarding haircuts and other grooming services. One of the main reasons why the barbershop is a popular place for men to go to get haircuts and other grooming services are the barbers who provide the vast majority of the grooming services offered at the barbershop.

Regarding men who come to the barbershop, the barber is the primary person who the men need to communicate with concerning what type of grooming service they want and the specifics of the grooming service. Men need to establish a good line of communication with their barber because the barber can only provide the service that is requested.

If men do not explain what they want or do not get the true essence across to the barber, many times the men will not be happy with the grooming service provided. Therefore, it is important that the men who come to the barbershop always talk to the barber before any service is started.

Moreover, in the barbershop, there are several terms that are used routinely in communication between the barber and the men who request grooming services. Some of these terms include:

  1. Razored: For men who want more volume and texture in their hair, this will let the barber know to use a razor to trim the ends of the hair instead of scissors.
  2. Thinned Out: For men who want their hair to be cut short yet keep a long cut in various parts, the barber will use thinning shears.
  3. Choppy: For men who want a thicker appearance regarding their hair, the barber will cut their hair in different lengths.
  4. Textured: For men who want a choppy style appearance regarding their hair, except they want their hair to be cut shorter.
  5. Layered: For men who want their longer hair to rest on top of their shorter hair.

Understanding the terminology of the barbershop is a big help for men who want to communicate with their barber. However, the various terms are not needed. In all cases, men should make sure that the barber has a good understanding of what is desired concerning the requested grooming service.

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