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Fade – hit of the season 2019

Cutting a fade requires creativity, years of experience, precise coordination of eyes and hands, as well as attention to detail and perseverance.

“Fade” burst into our lives! Walking along the street, picking up a magazine or turning on the TV, you will see it on stylish gentlemen. The Fade haircut is one of the most iconic and fashionable styles among men, giving a manly, but at the same time neat appearance that is ideal for everyday or professional situations. A “fade” is a haircut that creates a fuzzy transition from short hair on the back of the head to any desired length on the top of the head. Due to its versatility, “Fade” is suitable for both men in a business suit and athletes.

Not everyone can make the perfect “fade”, as a haircut requires prior experience and incredible accuracy. A small change in the length of the hair can change the overall appearance, and styling options change accordingly. This haircut requires a creative approach, many years of experience, precise coordination of the eyes and hands, as well as attention to detail and perseverance.

Let’s look at what you need to pay attention to when you decide to start cutting the Fade.

What do you need to cut fade?

Now very widely used hair clippers. They differ in price, quality, class and manufacturer. In order for the haircut to have the proper level, it is better to use a professional-level machine. Its quality plays a very important role, since it must be reliable in operation. Pay special attention to the availability of the necessary nozzles.

Use of nozzles. To achieve a very short hair cutting, use a clipper with different nozzles.

  • use nozzle number 3 for the top.
  • nozzle number 2 – on the sides.
  • nozzle number 1 – for the neck.

This method is often called the 1-2-3 method in barber shop

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