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Epic Moustache Styles (Part 1)

A moustache has a long history of developing and, also, of changing styles. Today, there is a great variety of the moustache styles you can shape your facial hair into. For achieving best results, consider your face shape before choosing a moustache style to try out. At Rafael’s Barbershop, we recount 3kinds of moustaches that have enjoyed an enduring popularity. You can choose the classic or eccentric style for your moustache and approach it either more classically or add the modern edge.

#1 The Chevron Moustache

This kind of the moustache style is also known as the Selleck moustache (thanks to actor Tom Selleck). It relies on coarse hair and suits better for men with straighter hair. It can be maintained by trimming longer hair that grows over your mouth.

#2 The Pencil Moustache

The ‘pencil’ became especially popular when film star Clark Gable embraced this style. Women all over the world fall in love with Gable’s character Rhett Buttler in ‘Gone with the Wind ’, and his pencil moustache added him additional charm. This type of moustache style is much easier to achieve than the thicker Selleck style. While it takes only a month to grow this ‘stache, you will need to pay much more attention to its styling.

#3 The Handlebar Moustache

It’s a classic moustache style, characterized by the curved ends which spiral toward the cheekbones. If you want to make it look more modern, you can complement it to a trendy haircut. To create curved ends, you should use a small dab of moustache wax to wind each of your moustaches outward.

Now, you know our tip three moustache style, read our next blog to find out more.

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