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Dreadlocks: advantages and disadvantages


Dreadlocks is a hairstyle with a long history, which at all times has caused people different emotions. Someone admires her, she is repugnant to someone, and someone is completely indifferent to her. But it’s impossible not to notice dreadlocks. Such hair instantly attracts attention, so today there are a lot of rumors about dreadlocks that are not always true.

In our today’s article we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of male dreadlocks. Also, Rafael’s Barbershop will tell to which men are suitable dreadlocks and to which ones do not.

Varieties of male dreadlocks

First, let’s talk about the varieties of male dreadlocks. So, today it is customary to distinguish 3 main types of dreadlocks:

  • Natural. Weave, directly, from your hair.
  • Jah dreadlocks. These are thin mats made from artificial materials.
  • Dreads. These is artificial fiber tips that are woven into your natural hair.

Sometimes artificial materials can be woven into natural dreadlocks in order to increase the volume of the hairstyle. It should be noted that this happens only in the case of long wearing of dreadlocks, since it will be extremely difficult to separate and remove them later.

What you need to know about dreadlocks men

And now we will look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the types of dreadlocks:

Natural (Dangerous) dreadlocks men.


  1. Durability. The longer you wear them, the better they look.
  2. Lack of irritation. It may appear only after weaving, but will soon disappear.
  3. Natural sensations. Nothing bothers you, you do not feel anything extra on your head.


  1. A very painful procedure of weaving of dreadlocks.
  2. The impossibility of unwinding. If for some reason you decide to get rid of dreadlocks, you will most likely just have to cut them off.

Safe dreadlocks men.


  1. Easy to remove. Therefore, such dreadlocks are great for trial hairstyles.
  2. Variety of colors. You can choose any color and make your look even more original.
  3. Any length. You can choose dreadlocks of any length and width.


  1. Great weight. Remember that this option is quite heavy and can damage your hair.
  2. Artificial fiber may cause allergies or irritation.
  3. Wear out quickly.

And we advise you not to forget about special products in barber shop that you will need to use after braiding, as usual shampoo will not work for dreadlocks.

dreadlocks men

Who is suitable and who is not suitable dreadlocks

Despite the ease of care, this hairstyle is not for every guy. Owners of thin and brittle hair, prone to loss and injury, it is better to forget about dreadlocks. If your scalp is prone to the release of excess fat, or you have a pronounced dandruff – be prepared for the fact that the care of dreadlocks will be very problematic. And it’s better for you to give up this idea altogether.

Dreadlocks will look ideal on a man with an oval and round face shape and a normal hair type without any problems expressed. Maximum cool this hairstyle will look on men with curly hair.

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