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Choosing a shaver correctly

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The modern market provides many different options of shavers, but how not to get lost among the huge number of brands and models of mens shavers? Rafael’s Barbershop can help! Today we will talk about the shavers types.

Main types of mens shavers

As we have said, today there are a lot of manufacturers of shavers, but despite this we want to highlight 3 main types of mens shavers and tell you about them:

    • Disposable shavers.

Advantages: low cost, high prevalence in retail outlets, such shavers are not heavy and easy to carry (ideal for travelers).

Disadvantages: this shaver cannot be used more than 2 times, because the blades get dull quickly, you can forget about comfort (a straight handle and a fixed head make the shaving process inconvenient and difficult) and the poor quality steel will cause discomfort owners of sensitive skin.

    • Face shaver with replaceable cassette.

Advantages: sharp blades of such face shaver are made of high quality steel and can last for about 2-3 months, comfortable and safe floating head, moisturizing gel strips, ergonomic handles, a variety of models that differ from each other by the number of blades, the presence or lack of trimmer, etc. This allows you to choose the shaver that is most comfortable for you.

Disadvantages: a high probability of getting skin irritation (the more blades the face shaver has, then more times the shaver cuts epidermis), the high price of the shaver and interchangeable elements.

    • T-shaped shavers.

Advantages: stylish design, efficiency, such shavers provide high-quality shaving and do not irritate the skin), a removable blade that is easy and convenient to wash, a wide variety of models of T-shaped shavers.

mustache styles

Disadvantages: you will need to get used to the updated shaving process, because this face shaver is slightly different in use from the more familiar options.

So what is the best shaver?

It’s hard to say which mens shaver is right for you, so in order to know for sure, you need to try and experiment to find your perfect shaver. But do not forget about products, which, combined with high-quality face shaver, will help you to always look well-groomed and attractive!

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