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How to choose the right men’s shampoo and conditioner

men's shampoo and conditioner

Many of us do not pay enough attention to the choice of hair shampoo for men, or, at least, did not do this before. And very vain! Usually we take the first, the maximum second, that we see on the shelf of the market. Or the products which we saw on TV. Guys love proven, familiar things, and advertising gives us this. We never used shampoo for men of some brand, but if we saw it at the TV, we were told about it and showed it in action, people from the screen shared their positive experience from using this product, and although we understand how it all is works, at the subconscious level, we still take the “familiar” copy. Therefore, even the most uncomplicated and simple advertising campaign, and sometimes even ridiculous – is working. It’s unclear how, but it works.

In young ladies, everything is a little different. They believe in TV, but they give preference to those products, which they be advised by real people: girlfriends, hairdressers, colleagues, etc .; or when they see the result on their eyes – on acquaintances, neighbors, etc.

Why shampoo for men can’t be for women

Not all men know about difference between the means of their girlfriends or wives and hair shampoo for men. They are:

  • The pH of men is much lower;
  • Cardinally different activity of the sebaceous glands.

Choose shampoo for men also need a hair type. They are: normal, dry and greasy hair. Each type has its own characteristics, which must be taken into account.

Why you need to use the reliable men’s shampoo and conditioner

Few people know the full force of a quality product. If you do everything good, then you will definitely have a tremendous effect. Proper cosmetics should:

  • To correspond to the current state of hair;
  • It is good to clean not only the hair, but also the scalp from grease and dirt;
  • The acidity level must be about 5.4 pH;
  • In the composition must be substances that have nutritional and moisturizing properties;
  • Contain organic matter and keratin.
hair shampoo for men

High-quality hair shampoo for men is not easy to find, but it can do wonders!The result will not take long to wait, and you will very quickly feel all the benefits of using the professional cosmetics. You immediately notice when your hair looks healthy, shiny and well-groomed. They start to be easily combed. The former elasticity return.

We understand – it’s not easy to do this, therefore you can always visit Rafael’s Barbershop, where experienced barbers prompt you to the highest quality and suitable for you men’s shampoo and conditioner!

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