Rafael`s Barbershop NYC


The Barber is A Barbershop Tradition

The barbershop has a long tradition of service in many cities, and the barbershop is known for several traditions such as great customer service, great haircuts, a friendly atmosphere, an a community environment.  Even though these are aspects of the barbershop that people have grown...


The Barber Shop Shave Follows Tradition

The barber shop has many traditions. One of these traditions is the barber shop shave. From its humble beginnings to its current status, the barber shop has been a place that provides a barber shop shave in a special manner. The way that the barber...


Do People Know Their Barber

If most people were asked their barber’s first name, they could probably answer. However, if most people where asked their barber’s last name, many people would not be able to answer the question. The reason why many people would not know their barber’s last name...


Finding The Right Barber Shop

In many respects, finding the right barber shop can be almost as difficult as finding the right car. For men who have been through the process of finding and purchasing a car, there can be a lot of frustration during the process. However, once the...


The Requested Haircut Every Time

The barber shop has been a popular place for men and young boys regarding haircuts and other grooming services for many years. The tradition of the barber shop was built primarily on the barber shop haircuts provided by the talented and skilled barbers at the...


The Barber Shop Has Great Traditions

The barber shop has been around for hundreds of years, and it has been in locations all over the world. Many of the original concepts regarding the barbershop can still be seen in the modern barber shop. Since the barber shop has been around for...


The Barber Shop Provides Many Grooming Services

For many men and young boys, the barber shop is a place where they primarily go to get haircuts. However, the barber shop is more than just a place for haircuts. The barber shop provides a variety of grooming services. At the core of the...


The barbershop has been popular for over a hundred years

The barbershop has been popular for over a hundred years. Going back to the beginning of the barbershop, the barbershop has always been able to attract men and young boys to the barbershop for a variety of reasons. The reasons why the barbershop is popular...


There Is Nothing Else Like A Barber Haircut

The barbershop is usually one of the most popular places where men and young boys go for haircuts. There are several reasons why the barbershop is a popular place for men and young boys to go to get a haircut such as convenience, prices, friendly...


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