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Men’s styling products – for men who watch their appearance

For a long time, no one is embarrassed by the fact that modern men take care of themselves no less than women. For each of them, has different motive to look perfect: attract the attention of the beautiful half of humanity, for others - to...


Old fashioned shave – a ritual for real men

A century ago, the morning of every self-respecting gentleman began with the use of men`s straight razor - someone coped with on their own, while others hurried to the barbershop and trusted this thing to experienced masters. At first glance, men`s straight razor looks scare,...


The best beard oil – get acquainted with the products

Now it's fashionable to be a bearded man, and if previously the standard was considered to be the smooth-shaven men, now special attention is paid to the gentlemen with a thick and well-groomed beard. Every self-respecting man considers it his duty to monitor his appearance,...


How to choose a haircut for a face type?

Hairstyles for men - the basis of their style As a rule, a properly selected haircut can dramatically change the image and perception of a person in general. In the eyes of others, a well-groomed man looks respectable and feels self-confidence. Having determined face shapes men,...


Fashionable men’s haircuts – trends of 2018

It was long ago that time when hairdresse`s were considered the prerogative of the women, and for men - excess, and haircuts were an exceptionally natural necessity. But modern fashion dictates new rules, and now stylish haircuts for men are a kind of hairdresser's art,...

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Stay tuned: what is important when choosing styling products

Can't decide what styling product to choose? Learn what you should consider before making a final decision.   #1. Financial capacity The first thing you should consider when choosing styling products is your financial capacity. Salon brands offer styling products of high quality and high price. If you’re...

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5 facts about moustache you should be aware of

Do you want to be like Salvador Dali or Charlie Chaplin? They were cool because they had a moustache. Check these facts and have a moustache too!   #1. Colour can be different The colour of your hair and moustache can be different, and it’s a normal phenomenon....


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