Rafael`s Barbershop NYC


Old barber pole – bloody story of creating a legendary symbol

Barber - an old profession, which enjoyed a well-deserved respect in society, and this is logical, because working with sharp blades is a responsible and serious matter. But did you know that before the 18th century, they not only sheared people, but also carried out...


Women barbers – myth or reality?

As you know, since ancient times, barbershop was considered to be exclusively a male territory, where male barbers serve the audience of the stronger sex. But, in many developing barbershops you can see women barbers. This is conditioned to the fact that the market of...


Masculinity and beauty — all elegance in details

In the 21st century, it is very hardly to find a man who does not keep his appearance. The days when close personal care was something uncharacteristic of the stronger sex, and was considered the prerogative of the female half of humanity, are gone. Fortunately,...


Undercut men – the lost treasure of the last century

Today, many young people go with this haircut, because it looks spectacular, stylish, strong and solid. Light and fresh it is universal, and it looks appropriate at any event. Therefore, it justly became one of the most beloved and common haircuts of our time. But...


Barber shop equipment is an important element of the men’s salon

Entering the new institution, the first thing that draws the attention of visitors is the interior and the general atmosphere. Initially, they assess the aesthetic perception, and only then the quality of the offered services. As you know, hairdressing salons appeared in the far 18th...


Beard coloring – solution of the problem of gray hairs

  Surely, men have a familiar feeling that one day, coming to the mirror, they see the gray glares in their hair. Some consider this fact is very unattractive, which is why many of them decide on a staining procedure that can correct this aesthetic flaw....


Mens electric shavers – history of instruments

Naturally, that few of people ever thought about when and who created the clipper. But thanks to this invention, the masters around the world daily put in order the hairstyles of millions of men and women. Looking back in the past centuries, we can see...


How to care for whiskers beard?

Surely, every man who follows his appearance wants to have a perfect beard, which is a symbol of masculinity and temperament. But not only the beard and mustache can create a strict image, but also whiskers beard. A few decades ago they were undeservedly forgotten,...


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