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male haircuts (2)

Popular mens haircuts in 2019 – what will they be?

Fortunately, the days when a beautiful and well-groomed appearance was exclusively a female prerogative passed and modern guys can be stylish and well-groomed. Now a variety of popular mens haircuts are coming into fashion. Thanks to this, every man can express his individuality and demonstrate...

men’s beard products

Man’s beard – sign of status and masculinity

At all times people have evaluated each other in appearance. And on the basis of these observations, they made conclusions about the situation in society, the cash prosperity of the family and about the person as a whole, about his character, manners and upbringing. It...

stop grey hair

Gray hair is a problem that has a solution

Today for guys, gray hair is the same trouble as for women. And every person who follows his appearance, tries to solve it. But there are different ways, and someone is too cardinal. Some even cut their hair to hide this problem from others. However,...


How to choose the right men’s
shampoo and conditioner

Many of us do not pay enough attention to the choice of hair shampoo for men, or, at least, did not do this before. And very vain! Usually we take the first, the maximum second, that we see on the shelf of the market. Or...


Men’s top knot hairstyle — a combination of style and comfort

In the modern world, appearance plays a key role, and therefore a properly selected image can win for you pleasant bonuses. And vice versa. And the key points that people pay attention to when meeting, at all times were: a smile, clothes, shoes, a smell...


Modern men and male manicure

In the 21st century, it is customary for a guys to be well-groomed and neat. And it is definitely a positive trend. If before, using different products was only a woman's hygiene, now everything has, fortunately, changed. Now every boy has the opportunity to look...


Shaving scuttle mug – an indispensable assistant for shaving

Long before the appearance of foam in aerosol packs, the ceramic shaving bowl was a single tool for creating the perfect foam. With its help, in a few minutes, you can prepare a quality foam that will make the razor slip smooth, and the process...


How to treat dandruff and whether it should be done?

This is exactly the problem that many men face, regardless of age, place of residence and position in society. Many people let it run its course, while making a catastrophic mistake. If you also think that dandruff is not worth your money and energy -...


How to grow beard faster – several effective ways

Are you bored with an unattractive patchy beard? Do you want to make your image more attractive and even brutal? It's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. If you dream of a beautiful beard, like an eastern padishah - you need...


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