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5 Steps to Healthy Hair

Hair is an essential part of your overall look. Such problems like thinning, balding, and dryness are the signs of unhealthy hair. If you want to prevent certain conditions, you need to make lifestyle changes. Notice: only washing and combing your mane won’t solve the...


How to grow old gracefully?

If you want to look great during the aging, you should pay attention to the small details. Exactly what kind of details? Find out in this article.   Tip #1. Preserve your natural hair color It’s very popular to dye the gray hair among men nowadays, they...


5 most spread shaving questions and the answers to them

What secrets you should know about your facial hair maintenance? We have answers to 5 the most common questions.   #1. Are there the same rules for everyone? The answer is no. Men have different hair types, according to this, there are different rules for thick or thin...


5 most spread hair problems and their solutions

We know what disturbs you and how to fix it. You shouldn’t wear a cap to hide your hair, you should be brave enough to do the trick.   Problem #1. Receding hairline If you have noticed that your hairline is receding, it’s time to reconsider your...


Three Most Popular Moustache Styles

Today, we are going to talk about man’s moustache, to put it more precisely about moustache styles of all times. From the classic to the eccentric, we choose three most popular kinds of the moustache. Our barbers underline that you should not forget to take...

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What is a Quiff Hairstyle

Admire Elvis Presley’s hairstyle? Want to look just like him? Then, the Quiff haircut is for you. It is one of the most influential and enduring hair trends for many years. It belongs to the group of classic haircuts, which can be chosen by men...


Epic Moustache Styles (Part 1)

A moustache has a long history of developing and, also, of changing styles. Today, there is a great variety of the moustache styles you can shape your facial hair into. For achieving best results, consider your face shape before choosing a moustache style to try...


How to Grow a Moustache

Not many men know about the miraculous properties of a moustache. Nevertheless, barbers admit a little facial hair can achieve a lot by changing the proportions of your face. It can give you a more mature edge, protect your skin during the cold season, or...


How to deal with tricky neckline?

If you have a tricky neckline you have two possible variants of outcomes: to let it grow, and when it will be longer it will be less tricky (may be), or just to cut tricky neckline completely (and hope that surrenders will not think that...


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