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Beard and the woman: the causes of hostility and ways how to reconcile them

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The guys who have already managed to acquire beard and find the second half may have faced the problem of disapproval of your precious beard by the girl. From she periodically heard requests shave beard? She frowned when you want to kiss her? If you sincerely do not understand her discontent then this article is for you. Today we will tell you how to maintain harmony in relationships with the help of proper beard care and which products will help you with this.

So let’s see why women sometimes don’t like a beard:

  • The first and one of the main causes of female protest against beard is the stiffness of the hair that is on your face. The skin in the area of ​​the lips, especially in girls, is very delicate and sensitive, so kissing a tough beard can bring discomfort to your girlfriend;
  • Bad look. Have you ever thought that your beard might simply not look attractive? If you do not use any products for beard care then it is clear why woman reacts so.
  • Do not exclude the option that she may not like the beard as a whole or there were unpleasant moments in her life that beard reminds of.

We are all different and react differently to the world around us and the events in it, but remember one fact – beautiful, well-groomed beard that will not cause trouble will be appreciated by every beauty.

How to ensure good facial hair growth and save relationships

Well, in the previous section, you learned about why girls sometimes react so negatively to beard or even to the desire to acquire it. Now let’s think about how to solve this problem:

    • Make your beard soft and pleasant to the touch. To do this, get a variety of oils, balms and other means for beard care;
    • Maintain your facial hair in a tidy state: visit Barbershops regularly or learn how to do it in person. Control facial hair’s growth, trim them if necessary;
    • Want to make a pleasant surprise to your beloved? Give your beard a pleasant smell! For this use fragrant oils. We guarantee she will be delighted with such an act.

Well, if she does not reconcile with your desire for facial hair growth – try to just talk to her about it. Why she is against about it and how it is important for you and how much facial hair growth will improve your life. A loving girl will definitely understand.

Rafael’s Barbershop knows how beard care you need

Our highly skilled barbers will surely help you to give an attractive look to your beard and hair on your head. Call us and sign up for a session right now!

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