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Beard coloring – solution of the problem of gray hairs


Surely, men have a familiar feeling that one day, coming to the mirror, they see the gray glares in their hair. Some consider this fact is very unattractive, which is why many of them decide on a staining procedure that can correct this aesthetic flaw. The mustache dye is a godsend for true gentlemen who trying to keep their appearance in a good condition. With its help, you will look more neat and well-groomed.

How to choose the best means for coloring?

Contrary to popular belief, mens beard dye is significantly different from conventional head hair dyes. Its composition is less aggressive, it does not cause irritation and does not paint the skin with bristles. Their diversity can be confusing to an inexperienced buyer because the hairdresser’s market is full of goods of different brands and names. In order not to get lost in the variety of great choice, let’s consider the main of them, as well as the principles of their action:

  • Persistent paints. They have a lasting effect since they contain ammonia, but in a moderate amount, which does not harm even to the sensitive skin. The only drawback is a rather small color palette.
  • Tonics are temporary means, the result of which is less long. They are sold in the form of shampoos and foams, and their main advantage is that the range of colors is very wide.

Whichever one you choose, remember the basic rule: the hair on the face should not be darker than the hair on the head for more than one tone. Bold and extraordinary personalities can afford bright and intense colors. There are different mens beard dye, but they are united by the fact that they are made specifically for vegetation on the face. Manufacturers guarantee harmlessness, but no matter how safe beard coloring, after the event, do not forget about the right care of the mustache and beard. For this, you can buy quality products, which are presented in the self-titled section of our online catalog.

Visit the Rafael`s Barbershop and try our mens beard dye on yourself

If you want to correct the appearance of the beard and mustache, so as not to be disappointed in the final result, beard coloring is better to entrusted to experienced barbers. This is due to the fact that staining the vegetation on the face is a whole art, so if you are not a fan of unexpected results, come to Rafael’s Barbershop, where our masters will select the remedy most suitable for your skin type, as well as a mustache dye of the appropriate shade, without risk for your image.

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