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Basic hygiene rules that every barber must follow

Basic hygiene rulesHygiene is one of the main components of our life. Everyone knows hygiene rules, because this is what we have been taught since childhood. Basic hygiene is necessary for a happy and healthy life for both one person and society as a whole. Each profession has its own hygiene rules, so today Rafael’s Barbershop will tell you about the basics of barber hygiene.

5 basic hygiene rules that should
stick in every barbershop

Visiting a new place, many guys rarely pay attention to barber hygiene, and it’s in vain! Often, they are initially looking at the interior of the room, at the appearance of the barber, at the furniture, at the price list, etc. But at the last minute, when the barber hygiene rules are grossly violated, they start thinking about barber hygiene. In order not to get into such a situation, we advise you to pay attention to such things:

  • The state of the workspace. It is pleasant to be in a clean room not only for the client, but also for the barber. Therefore, every self-respecting specialist will never neglect the hygiene rules.
  • Clean hands. Washing hands before and after each visitor is one of the main points of the barber basic hygiene. And such services as “dangerous shaving” or “coloring” should certainly be carried out with gloves.
  • Sterile instruments. Disinfecting scissors, hairbrushes, razors is not only a part of basic hygiene, it is an indispensable procedure that will allow you to avoid health problems.
  • Personal care products. Such seemingly inconspicuous nuances are also very important. Unfortunately, many barbers neglect these hygiene rules and can give to you not fresh personal care products.
  • Cosmetics. Have you often been interested from the master, has the expiration date of the cosmetics that he puts on your hair has expired? Not? In this case, we strongly advise you to do this. Poor-quality products are a gross violation of hygiene rules that can damage your hair and skin.

Basic hygiene rules
Vigilance and adherence to these simple hygiene rules will save you from potential health problems and give you luxurious hair for many years.

Basic hygiene rules at Rafael’s Barbershop

We respect our guests, so always adhere to established hygiene rules. Come to us and see for yourself!

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