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Barber history of this term

barber history

The skilled craftsmen of their craft have always been loved, respected and greatly appreciated, and their work was paid generously and in accordance with merit. Barber history has its origins from ancient times, even when they did not only haircuts, but also minimal surgical interventions, which were carried out in most cases in the head area. Earlier, in ancient Europe, barber apprenticeship included dental services, reduction of dislocations, shaving, and even pedicures. But later there was a distribution of responsibilities and only scissors and razors are left for the guys. And in addition, and the new name – barber, which is formed from the Latin word “barba”, which means “beard”.
Today barber history is completely different. This is a person who does not just trim your hair, but selects an ideal look for you, starting from the individual shape of your face, skin type, type of clothing and other similar criteria. Modern master barber is more than just a hairdresser’s service. This is a hairdresser, and barber, and interlocutor, and stylist, and in some cases even a psychologist and friend.

It is believed that this profession belongs exclusively to men, but the 21st century dictates its own rules and rewrites barber history. If you still think that girls have no place in this area – then read our article: Women barbers – myth or reality?

So who is he, master of barbering

We have described above that barber apprenticeship is not just the ability to create looks. This is the creation of a whole image of man. Changes, even the smallest, entail consequences. And innovations in appearance, which flash in the mirror every day, will certainly bring with them new character traits. It will make you feel completely different. And you will see how your life is changing before your eyes. Therefore, barber history has no end, and there is only a sequel. At Rafael’s Barbershop, you can get services from an experienced master barber:

  • Regular haircut;
  • Shampoo only or with cut;
  • Long hair cut;
  • Crew cut;
  • Color;
  • Classic or royal shave & face massage;
  • Signature shave or head shave & face massage;
  • Chest trim / shave;
  • Back shave;
  • Scalp Treatment & head;
  • Massage + hot towel;
  • Beard trim only or with shape-up and with shave;
  • Clean-up neck line.

And of course, always full fridge free alcohol, friendly atmosphere, professional service, advice from master barber and just a good mood. Because Rafael’s Barbershop is not just a place; legends are created here.

barber apprenticeship

Barbers and their history

Barber apprenticeship is a subtle art and unique skill that every barber must possess. Sense of style, awareness of fashion trends, as well as in sports, cars, politics, technology and events that occur in the world, because your customers will be of different age categories and public officials. And of course, master barber must look neat, tidy and well-groomed, because appearance is his main advertisement.

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