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The barber history – from the distant 18th century to our days

The first barber shops began to spread across the US and Europe in the deep 18th century. It was not just a place where men came for the services of a barber, but a kind of meeting place where representatives of the strong half of humanity could meet with friends, chat, relax and simply enjoy the calm and comfort male atmosphere. Initially, you could buy wine and food there. The most flourishing of culture came in the 30s, when gentlemen could not afford to appear in the company in an untidy state. The old fashion barber shop has been preserved and today it is possible to come to your favorite place, chat with like-minded people on interesting topics, relax and enjoy the process of cutting hair on your head and face. Also now, you can buy a variety of products for hair care. In the early 20th century, barbering is going through a crisis period, in connection with the invention of a “safe razor”, which can be used at home. The barber history subsided and it would seem that it is over. But no! After the end of World War II, the barber shops slowly began to recover, because the “home” razor turned the shaving ritual into an ordinary duty, and to the barber shop come for the atmosphere.

The spirit of that time in modern hairdressers

Today, modern barbershops preserve the traditions of their predecessors, leaving the traditional “menu” indestructible:

  • Haircuts;
  • Styling;
  • Correction and care for the beard and mustache;
  • Shaving.

Old fashion barber shop live to this day and retain their status and functionality, which makes us happy for many years. The extraordinary atmosphere of such places forces men to return there again and again.

Rafael Barbershop – a combination of classics and modernism

Here you can always feel the legendary atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation, combined with modern music. Very democratic prices will allow each customer to remain satisfied and enjoy quality service. The barber history is respected here by the strictest rules, and in combination with new technologies will allow you to have a comfortable time.
Rafael’s Barbershop is a large number of satisfied guests, a lot of positive feedback and just a cozy place to gather friends. The old fashion barber shop lives in us and makes our barbershop unique and traditional, and new types of services and registration will add convenience to the recording process. Enjoy the spirit of that time with Rafael’s Barbershop!

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