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Balbo – stylish beard of real men

Balbo - stylish beard of real men
Today it is difficult to overestimate the significance of the beard. Beard helps men express their individuality and emphasize their masculinity. In our days Balbo beard is one of the most popular form. You can seen it on the faces of celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Robert Downey Jr.

What does Balbo beard look like? Who does she suit? How to grow it and care for her? All these questions you will find answers in our article.

Balbo beard features

This type of beard resembles an inverted T with a mustache. In general, Balbo is a mixed version of several beard variations – goatee, island beard, and separate whiskers. That is what makes her so stylish.

What is Balbo beard?

Ideally, the Balbo beard will be the best choice for men with a triangular face, as it will make the sharp chin more massive, and all the facial features proportional. With a round or square face, a neat Balbo beard with a mustache will be softer. It is desirable that the stubble was thick and dark. On blond hair Balbo is simply invisible.

How to grow such a beard?

In order to make a good basis for the future Balbo, it is necessary to fully grow a thick beard and cut out the necessary shape from it. Only when the hair on the beard reaches a length of at least 1.5 cm, you can proceed to the design of the Balbo.

Often there are cases when facial vegetation germinates unevenly with large bald areas. To prevent this from happening, use special oils, sprays and creams to care for your face and beard.

Also, do not forget about regular combing of the beard with a frequent comb. This procedure will replace the massage, which improves blood circulation on the face and activates hair growth.

Balbo beard care tips

As with any beard, Balbo beard must be properly looked after. Otherwise, you risk looking untidy. The basic rules are simple, but regular actions:

  • It is necessary to systematically shave the areas on the face and neck that were originally shaved with a trimmer in a barber shop. This manipulation is desirable to perform daily. In this case, the contrast between shaved skin and the outlines of Balbo beard will be clearly visible.
  • To ensure shine and healthy of facial hair, it is advisable to wash the Balbo beard daily under running water, and use a special shampoo once a week in the process of bathing.
  • You should also follow the length of the beard Balbo. It may be shorter or longer, depending on your preference. But it is better when the length of the bristles does not exceed 5 mm.

Balbo is a beard that makes men stylish and sexy. Simple in execution and unpretentious in care, this beard will be an excellent option for those who decided to revive their image and make it more attractive.

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