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5 Steps to Healthy Hair

Hair is an essential part of your overall look. Such problems like thinning, balding, and dryness are the signs of unhealthy hair. If you want to prevent certain conditions, you need to make lifestyle changes. Notice: only washing and combing your mane won’t solve the problem. Our barbers have prepared for you simple tips helping to lessen the possibilities of any hair conditions.


Tip #1 Exercise, exercise, exercise

Your hair can’t be healthy without proper blood supply. Try to include physical activity in your schedule and exercise at least three times a week for more than 30 minutes. It will help to boost blood supply, thus, provoking hair to grow healthy.

Tip #2 Treat in the beginning

Don’t let any hair condition to develop and treat it at the first onset. One hair problem can lead to other and, as a result, you may end with terrible hair loss. Remember that it is better to consult with the doctor than self-medicate.

Tip #3 Hydration is important

Keep your hair hydrated both the inside and outside. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water every day; the day norm is approximately six-eight glasses. You can also consume daily supplements (250mg) such as flaxseed oil. Every time you wash hair, apply moisturizing conditioner to help your mane retain its natural hydration. You can also go for deep-conditioning masks once a week.

Tip #4 Eggs are the secret

Your hair consists of protein, and when there is a lack of this nutrient in the organism, hair may become dry and brittle. One of the best ways to nourish your hair is to make an egg mask. All you need is to mix a raw egg with the small amount of your favorite shampoo and apply this mixture on wet hair. Massage scalp gently and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Step #5 You are what you eat

Your diet should be balanced and include all nourishing elements. It is important not only for the state of your hair but the whole body. Incorporate into your diet products rich in iron, zinc, vitamin C, and protein. Regarding food, you should consume more turkey, chicken, oranges, kale, strawberries, nuts, broccoli, and oysters.

As you can see, the health of your hair depends on many factors. You should remember one thing: take care of your body in general, and you will notice positive changes in the state of your hair as a consequence.

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