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5 popular mistakes in hair care

In childhood, each of us was taught to take care of ourselves, but despite this, many still do not know the features of hair care and make banal mistakes, the consequences of which are irreparable.

That is why Rafael’s Barbershop today will tell you about the most common mistakes in hair care that men make so that you never repeat them.

1. Use of means “2 in 1 – shampoo + conditioner”

photo man haircutEach hair has many scales, which are called the cuticle. For better cleansing, it is necessary to “open” them with a shampoo in order to thoroughly wash away all accumulated dirt. The work of the conditioner is to moisten and then “close” the cuticles. One product is not able to do both functions at the same time.

IMPORTANT: if the cuticle is “opened”, but not “closed” – the hair will become clean, but will be contaminated 2 times faster than usual.

2. Impulsive hairstyle choices

Seeing your idol on TV with a new hairstyle, do not rush to run to the barber shop and do the same. We are all different, and this means that the hairstyle that came up to someone would not necessarily look at you just as cool. Instead, we recommend to consult with your master and choose a haircut based on these individual factors:

  • Hair type (greasy, dry or normal).
  • Face shape (oblong, rectangle, round, oval, square, diamond, triangle, inverted triangle, etc.).
  • Lifestyle.
  • General style.
  • Profession, etc.

The more you communicate with your barber, the higher the chance to find what really suits you.

3. Using too much styling

Too many of the products on the hair indicate that you do not know what you are doing. It’s like putting too much cologne. It is better to start with a small amount of funds and gradually add it, because you can always add, but you can’t subtract.

4. Shave too high

This is a classic mistake that many guys make. And sometimes it is very difficult to correct the result without spoiling the haircut. Therefore, you need to start shaving no higher than the level of the cheekbones.

5. Hide bald spot

Sometimes men grow their hair in front of their heads to hide baldness, but in fact this makes any bald spot even more obvious.

Proudly accept the new stage of your life and updated hairstyle to go further in life with it.

And on the way, ask your barber to give you a couple of tips on how to slow down hair loss.

We hope that our advices was useful for you and you will take care of your hair with the highest quality possible, because the most stylish hairstyle is healthy hair.

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