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4 Grooming Tips All Men Should Know

Winter is a great season full of fluffy snow, happy holidays, and cozy evenings with family. Even though winter brings so much fun and happiness, there are certain things you should take into consideration. During cold months, you should revise your grooming routine and update it due to the weather changes. To help you, our barbers have created a list of useful pieces of advice on how to look your best despite the conditions outside.

Reflection of young man in mirror shaving with electric shaver

Advice #1 Use Oil or Balm for Your Beard

Wearing beard is a disputable question now; nevertheless, one fact is clear enough: a well-maintained beard is a way more attractive than unkempt one. If you want to avoid messy and dry beard, you need to purchase only one product – beard oil. It usually contains essential oils and carrier, which work as a conditioning agent. As a result, you get a beard feeling soft without skin flaking on your face.

Advice #2 Beard Wash 

Yes, there is a need to purchase a wash designed for beards. Yes, there is a difference between soap, usual shampoo and beard shampoo. This particular type of shampoos differentiates in the way it works: gently removes dirt, pollutants and grime without stripping our natural sebum oils. Here is a moment when you feel its action – you get a completely cleaned beard, and your skin doesn’t feel dry and crunchy.

Advice #3 Shaving Cream

When it comes to judging shaving creams, there are four key factors: ability to keep moisture, heat, cushion and lubrication. If your shaving cream (from a big can) doesn’t have even one of these four qualities, you need to look for anything else. Specialists recommend opting for a boutique shaving cream. Try it once – and you will never forget. It gives richer lather and provides you with the most comfortable shave. Notice: high-quality shaving creams comes in the form of the tube (not canes like cheaper variants).

Advice #4 Proper Aftershave

No matter how quality your pre shave products are, the fact still is the same – your skin is dragged by a sharp razor. Moreover, if you use cartridge razor or double edged safety razor, every time you shave, you exfoliate your skin leaving pores opened. As a result, your skin may become extra dry. To avoid this problem, purchase after shave that will help to keep skin well hydrated. It is advisable to avoid using aftershave lotions or splashes as they are usually alcohol based and opt for after shave balms.

Follow these simple pieces of advice to better your grooming routine during the cold season.

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